Day Rate / Half-Day Rate
15 USD /Half-Day Pass: 9am to 1pm (no monthly fee)

**Special Limited Offer**
We're offering $5 off our Full Day Pass price until the outcome of the Presidential Election is known. Don't let the uncertainty of the election interfere with your productivity! Get out of the house and cowork with us!

Spend a full day working with us. Includes Makery Coworking amenities (as described in Full and Part-time plans) EXCEPT access to Advisory Council. PLEASE NOTE: Half-Day passes can be used for two blocks of time, 9am to 1pm OR 1pm to 5pm.

Time Passes
  • Full-Day Pass
    20.00 USD
    • 10 time passes for 180.00 USD
  • Half-Day Pass: 9am to 1pm
    15.00 USD
  • Half-Day Pass: 1pm to 5pm
    15.00 USD
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